What we do

Within Ogilvy are 150 people 100% dedicated to Business to Business.

We think of ourselves as creative problem solvers, asking the hard questions, solving business and marketing challenges for B2B clients.

Solutions are inspired by data and insight and require an understanding of the channel, and the ability to support mar tech platforms. There is no one size fits all solution because contrary to popular belief, B2B isn’t a single homogenous sector.

Our goal is to help clients unlock the value in their customers and prospects and to Make their Brands Matter, now and in the future. We help Marketing balance the need for short term returns as well as long term investment.

Key services include:

Strategy and Planning: When it comes to strategy, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the deep seated questions. It could be how marketing aligns with sales, or how to set up an ABM approach. We always have a business end goal: winning customers, generating revenue and driving demonstrable ROI.

Customer Engagement: We start by understanding our customer, empathising with them, by anticipating their needs, their desires and their actual behaviour.   We create contextual communications and digital experiences with creative and commercial impact. And we regularly win awards for our creativity and effectiveness. 

Brand: We take a total view of the brand and the business, and balance the emotional and the rational to create a compelling business proposition that will appeal to all decision-makers at every level. We can help you manage your brand at every stage, so you can achieve the emotional connection you need to drive real customer engagement and visible business results.

Campaign Management and Marketing Automation: We devise stand-out communications that engage your audience, both emotionally and rationally, at every touch point. We use performance measurement and campaign optimisation to increase reach, engagement and conversion. We're fully versed in how marketing automation can help you integrate inbound and outbound marketing channels, so you'll get improved marketing intelligence and greater measurability of results.  Whatever stage you're at, we’ll guide you on the journey towards a buyer-centric automation strategy.

Dynamic Creative Content: We examine the customer experience from search right through to sale to build a coherent customer experience enabled by a structured marketing programme. This drives a programme of dynamic creative content which reaches customers at multiple brand touch points.

Our clients include:



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