We see and solve brand challenges through the lens of culture, technology & behaviour.

Whatever the shape or size of your business, across the spectrum of health & wellness, we Make Brands Matter. In healthcare, from blue chip pharma to biotech, diagnostics, start-ups, hospitals and service suppliers. In wellness, for all things consumer goods & retail. In our Practice, we combine the best-in-class consumer insight, innovation & creativity from Ogilvy, that is well known to all, along with the health, medical & scientific expertise that we have across our global network, working to deliver outstanding business results for our clients.

Our focus is on two key areas:

1. Transformation. Helping our clients transform their brands and businesses to thrive in the new healthcare economy.

2. Wellness. Advancing proactive & personalized health & wellness for all, by defining brand & business propositions for the consumer goods, retail & services sectors.

Why have we built this specialized Practice?

There is major change happening in our society. Everyone wants to live forever… or at least live healthier for longer. And we as consumers are prepared to pay for it and take increasing personal responsibility for it. A major Wellness Movement, driven by consumers, is growing around the world. At a time when governments and private payers say the price is too high. We are entering an age of personalized medicine. And big pharma is taking on the needs of patients “beyond the pill”. The healthcare ecosystem is transforming.

We are seeing a redefinition of health from the absence of illness to the fullness of life, a convergence of medical science and holistic health, a changing relationship between food and wellness and technology, improving outcomes and democratizing health.

As a result, there is a white space emerging for new players and new business models in the Health & Wellness sector. And there is a need for existing brands and businesses to adapt quickly. Ogilvy Health & Wellness has been established to help clients ensure future success in this sector.

Our Transformation Team

Consultants to help solve your business needs in…

* Healthcare brand innovation & growth

* Brand strategy & corporate reputation management

* Enterprise level system & experience design

* Digital transformation in healthcare

* B2B to B2C transformation

* Genomics & personalized medicine

* Healthcare behavior change

* Employee engagement & change management

* HCP engagement  

Our Health & Wellness Team

Offering you…

* Award winning creative

* Superior consumer insights

* Omni-channel innovation

* New platforms and service design

Health & Wellness champions:

* health – nutrition – science – medical experts

* Behavior change specialists

* A unique methodology to dial up the health dimension in your brand or even create a new product or line extension.

If you have a business need you would like to discuss or find out more about Ogilvy Health & Wellness, please contact Global Practice Lead, Marion McDonald.

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