Ross Bartlett, our UK Group Head of L&D, gave a talk at the London HR Connection event titled Conflict Management with the Mad Men.

Ross shared elements of his work to over 70 HR Directors, academics and influencers about how Ogilvy had been an early adopter of conflict training which has become embedded into our management and leadership training. Joining Ross for the talk was Alex Efthymiades, Director at Consenio, who are specialists in conflict management and have partnered with Ogilvy for the past couple of years. 

The talk focused on the belief that managers often see training as a ‘sticking plaster’ for change, when it is widely accepted that behavioural and cultural change needs to be supported through application and reinforcement in the workplace after the training has taken place – and that managers need time to manage. The talk was followed by several minutes of questions, a number of compliments and multiple networking opportunities. 

Ogilvy is currently piloting a revised version of this training which will be open to all next year.