Name: Olly Cooper        
Job title: Social Creative
Agency: OgilvyOne

In one sentence, how would you explain your job to a taxi driver?
I make fun stuff for brands on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m looking forward to moving to Sea Containers because…
I was promised a river view and god dammit I want my river view.

What’s your favourite ad of the past decade?
John Lewis Christmas 2011. It’s perfect. No, wait. T-Mobile’s Heathrow Airport flash mob. Can I have two favourites?

What could you win a gold medal for?
Talking. I talk a lot. I never really stop. No, really. It never ends.

You might not know this but…
If you mix nutella, flour and eggs together and put it in the oven for 15 minutes you get the best brownies ever. Email me for the exact measurements.

What’s your favourite twitter account to follow?
You have to check out @Kristendrum. She is my absolute favourite person ever. Tell her I said that.

I really wish I had…
Remembered to take the chicken out the freezer this morning.

I really wish I hadn’t…
Turned the lights off and scared my housemate when he got in last week. He’d just been mugged.

If your home was on fire, what would you save (other than your family)?
My phone so I could let emergency services know my house is on fire.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Not losing it every time my housemate leaves the fridge door open.

How’s your year been?
Not bad. Yours?

The best advice I’ve ever had is…
Don’t trust anyone who likes bread ends.