Our Vice Chairman, Rory Sutherland, gave The Drum his take on creativity in their '10 Questions' feature.


What was your first ever job?

I drove a fork-lift truck at the Ribena plant in Coleford, helping to transform "them fucking currants", as they were known in the factory, into a tasty drink high in vitamin C.

Why did you get into marketing?


Who is your favourite person to work with and why?

The best colleague of all is a really good client.

What is your ideal work night out?

A curry. While culinary fads come and go, there is still no better way for eight or more people to spend an evening than over a Ruby. Sushi or ceviche may have many fine qualities, but they don't scale.

What is your favourite piece of creative work ever from the industry?

Of recent vintage? National Organ Donation Week in Brazil - the Buried Bentley by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.

If you could ban one buzzword or piece of jargon what would it be?

Almost all marketing jargon is distorted by a focus on adding positives rather than the more important business of removing negatives.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

"A change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points" - Alan Kay.

If you could go to one marketing event this year which would you choose?

Kilkenomics. An annual festival of Economics & Comedy in Kilkenny, Ireland. Not strictly speaking a marketing event, but that's rather the point.

Do you ever turn your phone off and if so - when?

Whenever I can. I also try to keep to a rule where I don't read email in the office. Email and the mobile phone are destroying the two most important conditions for imagination: long periods of uninterrupted thought interspersed with random chatter.

What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Be ill (or pretend to be) for at least ten days a year. Creativity has fallen since they cured tuberculosis.


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