Coley Porter Bell's Managing Partner, Alex Ririe, spoke to Campaign about how important packaging is for brands.

Are brands taking packaging seriously?

It has been dubbed "the silent salesman" whose customers condemn it for its wasteful ways as much as they value its help when choosing what to buy.

Here's Alex's take - At a time when the media landscape is so fragmented, attention spans are short and many people skip ads, the importance of packaging is underestimated.

"Packaging is the purest expression of all that your brand stands for. They say people are ambivalent about it but, if you get it right and your packaging is both innovative and helpful, it can add hugely to the customer experience.

"Dorset Cereals has shown how well packaging can work for brands that are late arrivals in the market. And it can be very important for brands that don’t have big budgets."

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