This summer, the Amphitheatre Gang launched the first of their Ogilvy Secret Sessions featuring the internationally renowned artist, Ladyhawke.

Having launched her new album, Wild Things, earlier this month, Ladyhawke gave the audience a preview of the set she’ll be performing on her upcoming global tour. With the Amphitheatre bursting with people from across the Group, the atmosphere was incredible and it took all of half a song for her to get everyone on their feet. As well as playing her most recent material, Ladyhawke played classics from her debut album, Ladyhawke, and her second album, Anxiety.

After an energetic set, the performance finished with fan favourite My Delirium and, after well-deserved standing ovation, Ladyhawke and her band joined everyone on the Roof Terrace for drinks in the sun at our recently opened rooftop bar, The Bridge.