Ogilvy & Mather Group UK's CEO Annette King and CCO Emma de la Fosse spoke to London Evening Standard about their long standing partnership.

Job-sharing is not the only way that two people can progress professionally. There are numerous dynamic duos who have pegged their career success on being part of a team – just think of Ant and Dec.

Many of these relationships work so well, they last longer than the average marriage (11 years) and make the individuals far more successful than they would be if they had done it alone.

Annette King, chief executive at Ogilvy & Mather UK, and group chief creative officer Emma de la Fosse are one of these dynamic duos, and say that with collaboration in leadership a growing trend, senior partnerships are becoming more common. They have been working in leadership together for 16 years and have benefited professionally, enjoying several promotions throughout their partnership.

“It is a different approach to that traditional top-dog leader, who has to be in charge,” says King. “It works well in a creative business, where there is no right or wrong answer.”

De La Fosse adds: “A collaborative approach enables you to work much more quickly – and not just the two of us, but the whole team. If you get all the right brains on board, you make fewer mistakes, get more done and get to the big ‘ta-da’ moment more quickly.”

So how do you go about picking the right work partner?

Once again, shared values are important. “We both want to get the best possible outcome for our clients and we are both good at bringing people with us,” says King.

This was originally published in London Evening Standard