Fresh from the opening gig at KOKO last night, we're back for the second day of Advertising Week Europe. Today we've explored the likes of AI, machine learning, big data, mobile and much, much more.

Here are our key highlights from Day 2:

1 - The future is mobile

People queued out of the venue at London's Picturehouse Central to gain entry to Google Zurich's "Google Assistant" Engineer, Behshad Behzadi's session on AI and machine learning. Behshad explained that by 2020 there will be 5 billion mobile users globally. Which means it's more important than ever for brands and advertisers to focus on the mobile world and understand what it means for the future.

2 - The dawn of the age of assistance

Behshad's session also revealed an increase in the use of messanger apps, calling into question the direction of bots and complex search assistants. Google believes that as the most natural way for humans to talk to each other is with natural language and conversations, search assistants need to be as human as possible. Given that the average home has more than three connected devices where the only way to connect is via voice, search assistants and their programming will become incredibly important in the future. Indeed, Google is already getting ahead with Google Assistant, a conversational interface between the user and Google. The goal is to have a back and fourth conversation. Each sentence Google Assistant speaks uses the context of the conversation to interpret the quesion being asked to allow for a more natural 'human' response. This, Google believes, is the future. 

3 - Big data - proceed with caution

Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals, said The Guardian's Nick Hewat quoting David Ogilvy. Yet, with the announcement that from May 2018 business will be required to have a Data Protection Officer of some sort, this session came with a number of warnings for brands and advertisers alike around the use of big data. The saying "just because you could, doesn't mean you should" applies heavily. Advertisers need to use data in the right way, rather than just because it's available to them, in order to reap the best rewards.


Stay tuned for our round-up for Day 3 tomorrow. For live coverage of Ad Week Europe, head to Ogilvy UK's TwitterInstagram and Facebook.