Day 3 at Advertising Week Europe got off to an exciting start. We witnessed the first 360 degree selfie to be taken at Ad Week and, no doubt, the first to feature both Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn and Take That's Gary Barlow. What a way to start the day!

Here's our round-up of Ad Week Europe's penultimate day, featuring millennials in business, storytelling on Instagram and, of course, selfies.

1 - The rise of the selfie

Kicking off the day was Facebook's EMEA VP, Nicola Mendelsohn in conversation with Take That's Gary Barlow. Looking back across his career, Gary touched on huge advancements in technology, from the emergence of smartphones to digital music. The most notable difference for Gary between the 90s and the 00s is selfies.

2 - Millennials in business

The working world is changing. And the best people equipped to deal with those changes? Millennials, who come ready programmed with a mindset open to change and doing new things. There is a clear need for businesses to better understand and adapt with millennials. The reality is millennials work in different ways - they favour the agile and are not defined by their careers. As Microsoft's Paul Davies noted - millennials lead spaghetti careers not staircase careers. It's clear that we cannot measure a new generation by old standards and rule books. As Kiss FM's Charlie Hedges bluntly put it: "We're living in a totally different age now. Get with it".

3 - Realtime storytelling is a big deal

There is a lot of noise about real time content at the moment. Vice's Creative Director, Adam Bracegirdle, argued that live content creates trust with audiences that you don't get with pre-edited content. He stressed the importance of not forcing the message on real-time audiences otherwise you risk content seeming scripted or fake. His advice for brands and advertisers is to remember that the best real-time content happens in the real world; not in the confines of an office.


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