After a week of inspirational talks, workshops, a secret garden, awesome gigs, a 360 selfie, so many free sweets and much more, we've come to the end of Advertising Week Europe 2017! 

Here's our final round-up covering Day 4 of this year's event:

1 - Authenticity is where it's at

The importance of authenticity in marketing was a big theme today. Ogilvy PR London's CEO, Marshall Manson, kicked off the day as part of a panel discussing trust between either advertisers & publishers or brands & consumers. Marshall stressed the importance of authenticity for brands believing "authenticity is at the core of trust in the information marketplace". 

2 - Embrace emotions

Ogilvy UK's Vice Chairman, Rory Sutherland delivered an inspirational talk to end the day discussing the intricacies of behavioural science and marketing. Rory explained that how we perceive things depends on a whole host of contextual factors. An important element of this is emotion. If brands and marketers are not creating the right emotional response, then they won't sell. Marketers should be looking for opportunities to achieve an emotional effect on the consumer.

3 - Play the long game

Consumers will opt for buying a branded product over one that is unbranded because there is less chance of something going wrong. This is because brands have reputational skin in the game which acts as a commitment device and creates trust. An engagement ring is a great example of this. The financial strain a diamond causes the giver acts as a symbol of their commitment because of the implicit financial sacrifice - they're in it for the long haul. There is an evolutionary mechanism around trust that means long game behaviour is attractive - marketers can learn from this. Rory explained that if brands are looking for repeat business rather than short-term one off purchases, they need to play the long game.


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