By Dayoan Daumont, Consulting Partner, Innovation & Digital Transformation at OgilvyRED


Today at Ad Week Europe, Xaxis hosted an event, The new Artificial Intelligence Game Show: Have we got AI for you. I joined a group of great thinkers, including Albert’s CMO Amy Inlow, Oath’s UK Head of Buyer Development Joe Connors, Xasis EMEA’s MD of Operations, Silvia Sparry,  GroudTruth EMEA’s GM Theo Theodorou and TV & Radio Presenter George Lamb, as we talked through some of the truths and misconceptions of AI in marketing and advertising.

The panel took the form of a game show and to my surprise all the games were based on British TV or Radio games. Needless to say, not being from the UK, I was at a bit of a disadvantage. It was great fun and in between the buzzing-in and the images revealing, we managed to discuss some interesting points on the impact of AI in our industry.

There were 3 major areas we all seemed to focus on;

1.  AI is applied today as Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence

True Artificial Intelligence is still some time out; cognitive systems that are truly sentient in their intelligence are very much in the theoretical realm. What we have now are some amazing and powerful tools that will help us as marketers get to the very essence of what we do. Delivering services or products to our audience. Weather it’s deriving intent through location data, or automating media buying and placement based on consumer interactions, we all agreed that the augmented marketer is just now beginning to make a difference. Much more to come.

2. The fourth industrial revolution is real and will have a huge impact to the current workforce

Those at the edges promoting doom and gloom, or the ones shouting about the utopia of this future, are both wrong. The immediate impact on the workforce will likely have detrimental consequences as entire industries could get displaced. However, it’s just a matter of time for those affected to find new industries and discover new ways of making a living and creating a positive impact in their communities. It’s our human imperative, we are built to evolve, it’s in our DNA and we’ve learned to adapt with major changes to our environments - this is no different. There are entire industries and jobs that did not exist 20 years ago - the information age for example. The automation of industries, like auto manufacturing and farming, created a rise in urbanisation and the formation of a new digital workforce. The same will be true moving forward. It’s a matter of what, not if.

3. Uncovering insights and creative opportunities through a tsunami of data being captured and created

Machine learning has the ability to deliver experiences to the individual that transcend anything we have today. The goal will be to ensure that shoe we looked at online does NOT chase us around the web, even after we’ve bought it.


You can view a recording of the full session on the Ad Week Europe site here.