Our work for Boots Soltan 'Sun Damage for Life' won at the Aerial Awards, awarded monthly by Radiocentre to the creative team behind the best work entered and chosen by an invited creative-director judge.

Senior Creatives at Ogilvy UK, Dave Anderson and Ian Brassett are the winners of Ogilvy's Areial Award for Boots.

Grey London's joint chief creative officer Vicki Maguire chose the work as the winner - here's why.

Maguire: I chose this ad because...

My kid sister has a tattoo on her shoulder. It’s a shamrock that says "Shane MacGowan for ever". She was pissed. Your kids are not. Sun damage on young skin is as permanent as a tattoo.

How do I know? Because that Boots Soltan radio ad told me. Simple. Memorable. And I don’t even have kids.

This for me was the best ad of the bunch, because it was the best brief of the bunch. Selling berries or paint colours (key features of this month’s other shortlist-ees) doesn’t come close to a nugget like that. It’s a gob-smacking fact. It should have been the winner just on strat’ alone. But fair play to the crew, they brought it to life with wit and finesse.

How would you encourage creatives to ‘See radio differently’?

Unleash the hounds

If you think you’re being short-changed by being given a radio brief, check out K9FM* from New Zealand. It’s next level. Listen and weep. (*A whole radio station designed for dogs, with programmes created based on research to keep canine listeners relaxed.)

Listen up

Someone wise once said: "If you want to write, read." If you want to write for radio, listen. To everything. Podcasts. Old radio series. Commercial radio.

Be a countryphile

Listen to country music. That’s actually my answer to everything.

Winning ad: Boots Sultan "Sun damage for life"

Tattooist Hey, good to see you again. What tattoo are you getting today? [Reply comes from an eight-year-old girl.]

Girl "Majorca 2018", please. Really big across my back.

Tattooist Nice. How many is that now?

Girl I’ve got one on my chest from the beach. One on my arm from the park.

MVO Some leading sun creams don’t offer five-star UVA protection, exposing your child to sun damage that’s as permanent as a tattoo. Be certain with Soltan, exclusively at Boots. (edited for length)


Client Boots
Creative team Dave Anderson, Ian Brassett
Creative director Sam Cartmell
Producer Lesley Scott 
Production company Webber Represents 
Facility house Gramercy Park Studios 
Sound engineer Sam Cross 
Producer Maxine Bates 
Voices Abraham Popoola, Lyndsey Marshal, Lola Shepelev


This was originally published in Campaign here.

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