Bottle Rocket is OgilvyOne’s specialist mobile agency consisting of a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team which guides clients from the initial concept for a mobile app, through the strategy, creative, and development stages, until it’s ready for release. They then provide on going support and maintenance, with regular updates, to keep apps relevant and to consistently add value.


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Their unmatched experience and strategic, brand-focused approach means they are always looking ahead to create innovative experiences such as the Bottle Rocket Mobile Summit London, 24th May. It’s a one day event which is hosted here in London where clients, platforms and partners can integrate and fully immerse themselves in all things mobile. Bottle Rocket’s hometown is Dallas, when they ran this programme there they saw mobile leaders for brands such as Apple, Barclays, Coca-Cola, IBM and Santander discussing future trends, user retention, customer engagement and much more. 

The event will revolve around thought leadership and is designed to explore the opportunities we have at our fingertips to build brands, increase sales and improve customer engagement and loyalty through the mobile ecosystem.


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Discussion topics will include:

  • Moving Beyond Apps to Win, Serve, and Retain Your Customers
  • Mobile Trends
  • Dollars and Sense of Connectivity
  • Let’s Not Replace Human Customer Service – Let’s Enhance It
  • Understanding the User Lifecycle of UX
  • A Conversation with Newly Independents (mobile consumers in their mid-20s)
  • Thriving in the Retention Economy
  • Reigniting the Flame: Re-engaging and Retaining Lapsed Users, and much more

This intimate event concentrates on future-focused organisations that have a passion for creating beautiful, innovative, brand-driven experiences to enhance their customers' mobile lifestyles.

For more information or to request an invitation, please contact Bottle Rocket UK’s Business Development Director, David Thorpe, at