By Greg Flory, Senior Lead Strategist for Bottle Rocket

With a theme of Boldly Go, the first Bottle Rocket Mobile Summit in London, held at Sea Containers on 24th May, covered a lot of ground so here are my top takeaways:

1. Mobile first is not enough
Thomas Husson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, drove home the point that thinking of, and investing in, mobile as a mere channel is selling your brand short. Husson finished with three key points:

  • Think about mobile as an accelerator—it can amplify everything else a brand does.
  • Find ways to win, serve and retain customers by focusing tightly on the highly contested mobile moments where people truly engage.
  • Approach mobile as an ecosystem—not simply a touchpoint.  Use trends for inspiration

Dayoan Daumont, Innovation Director of OgilvyOne, and I shared trends across mobile design, consumer engagement and data. Dayoan explored how the concept of conversion is evolving as brands embrace a lifetime value approach in addition to more immediate transactional goals. Next, he discussed how brands can reward customer loyalty in ways that go beyond simply offering discounts on their traditional products and services. I shared how data is powering some of the more ingenious mobile features and functionality, like Pinterest’s visual search tool. We closed by encouraging people to think about ways they can use data to not just make existing experiences better but to create entirely new businesses.

2. Understand the customer lifecycle
Michael Griffith, Vice President of Creative at Bottle Rocket, walked everyone through various moments in a person’s journey within an app, highlighting opportunities for brands to deliver in key mobile moments. Keeping customer value and efficiency top priorities throughout the experiential continuum can help brands secure the highly coveted screen real estate and personal time that fuels stronger relationships and growth.

3. Embrace the new customer paradigm
Smart startups understand—and in many cases are driving—the dramatic shift in people’s expectations. OgilvyOne’s Chief Strategy Officer, Anne Higgins, discussed the imperative that brands build from a place of true customer-centricity. Delivering value to people in a unique, meaningful way is always a great formula for connecting more deeply with customers. Rob Blackie, OgilvyOne’s Head of Social, discussed the extremely interconnected relationship between social and mobile, sharing lessons across brands and industries, including B2B companies that understand the importance of KPIs to prove corporate impact.    

4. Keep it real with millennials
The Conversation with Millennials panel, expertly guided by Daniel Bennett - Choice Architect and Ciosa Garrahan - a Researcher, both from Ogilvy Change, revealed a level of extreme self-awareness that might have surprised Gen X and Boomer attendees in the crowd. This group clearly knows that they depend on mobile to stay connected and they are acutely aware of their susceptibility to the mobile impulse—aware and totally unconcerned. It is simply how they live and, from their observations, it appears to be working.

5. Great work works
Calvin Carter, CEO of Bottle Rocket, and Farina Ghanie, Account Manager at Bottle Rocket and OgilvyOne, walked the audience through FMCG, Travel, QSR and Financial Services examples that demonstrated the power of mobile to deliver frictionless, hyper-personalised, contextual and convenient experiences. Mobile is a common denominator but each brand looked for ways to add unique value. For Starwood Hotels, offering their most frequent travellers a frictionless check-in experience is the key point of the Keyless program. And Coca-Cola Freestyle is making the soft drink market a very personal space, supporting people’s desire for unique flavour combinations with their app and highly engaging Freestyle machines.