In a social stunt created by Ogilvy UK & Wavemaker with British Airways PR & Marketing, the air carrier is doing a little proactive wishful thinking with its latest social media post, hoping for an England win in its quarter final World Cup match with Sweden.

British Airways printed up a ticket for a passenger named 'Football' and added some hidden gems in the ticket vocabulary for die hard England team fans.

The first clues are obvious. 'Football' is booked from Moscow to Home, the hope being that England will bring the cup home. It's also a reference to the 'football's coming home' phrase the English team say often about winning the World Cup.

Other little details might go unnoticed at first, but those in the know can see that where it says 'Gate: South' is a reference to team manager Gareth Southgate. Under 'Gate Closes' is 1966, noting the last year England's Three Lions last won it all, and the seat, 52H, notes the number of years it has been since that time.

The last of the smart references is the time and date of this year's final: 15 July at 1800 hours.


This was originally published in The Drum here.