By Suzanne Basra, Content & Internal Communications Manager at Ogilvy UK


Today at Cannes Lions, Coley Porter Bell’s Executive Creative Director, James Ramsden, joined a panel of creative leaders from across the industry to discuss all things creativity.

From protecting creativity in an agency to the new generation of creatives and the influence of tech, here are the highlights from James’ thoughts.

How can we protect creativity in an agency?

Make sure people are continuing to learn. This not only keeps teams engaged, it also gives them the change to keep moving forward and growing.

There are so many ways to do this. Offer people the opportunity to get involved in things that excite them – whether that’s directly related to their role or not. There’s a lot of valuable insight that can be learnt on the fringes of a person’s specific role.

How are younger creatives impacting the industry?

In my experience, younger creatives are more flexible, more multi-skilled and are super keen to get involved in collaborations within the agency itself, as well as the wider network. All of which has only been a good thing in my view.

Tell us a bit about the influence of tech on creativity

I think it’s an opportunity. For example, AI can help the creative process.

In fact, in a talk I attended here at Cannes Lions yesterday the topic of conversation was automation. If done effectively, automation can have a positive impact on the creative process (and leave more time for ideas to be created!).

Where does branding stand in the age of social media?

There’s a huge and important part for branding to play. At Coley Porter Bell, I’ve seen how helping brands to create a visual language that works across all moving parts on social can give a brand a real advantage.

Any advice for being a great creative director?

Stay hungry and curious.

Also realise the importance of setting the right conditions that help other people make great work.


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