By Suzanne Basra, Content & Internal Communications Manager at Ogilvy UK


Every year, BIMA celebrates the very best people in our industry via the BIMA 100. The BIMA 100 list salutes the people who have shaped and who are shaping the British digital industry.

The final list is comprised of people from right across the digital spectrum, including leaders and CEOs, inventors and developers, start-ups and ‘ones to watch’. Those listed are pioneers of emerging technologies, creative magicians, and leaders in UX and the consumer experience. And they are champions for the industry or champions for improving diversity within it.

This year, our own Junior Planner and Co-Founder of Ogilvy Roots, Kieron Rennie, features in the BIMA 100 list. As Barbican alumni, Kieron broke into the industry via Ogilvy’s creative internship The Pipe and has gone from strength to strength.

With no background in digital advertising, Kieron's digital thinking and creative flair has helped to shape the strategy for Vodafone's new digital-first sub-brand VOXI – one of the biggest brands coming out of Ogilvy UK right now.

Kieron’s creativity extends beyond Ogilvy in his poetry, with performances at City Hall, The Barbican and Buckingham Palace under his belt.

We caught up with Kieron to find out more about him and his advice for those wanting to break into the industry.

Congratulations on being listed in this year’s BIMA 100! How does it feel?

It’s an unexpected surprise, especially at such an early stage in my career. I’m honoured to be included.

Tell us a bit about how you got into the industry?

I’ve come to the industry from more of an ‘untraditional’ background. I joined Ogilvy as a Creative Intern via The Pipe – having no previous experience or education in advertising or communications, just like the other interns with me. This was great as it created a sort of ‘family unit’ where we all supported and encouraged each other. It was a surreal experience from day one, where we worked on live briefs. It was here that I discovered Strategy and started to inject my creative flair to the strategy I worked on.

Do you have any career highlights so far?

Co-Founding Ogilvy Roots, Ogilvy’s network to champion greater ethnic and cultural diversity within the industry. This is not only a passion point for me but also hugely important for the industry as a whole.

Working on Vodafone’s youth sub-brand VOXI has also been incredible. I’ve loved seeing the work come to life from the manifesto to becoming a fully functioning brand and growing a lot.

And what about outside of the office – what are your passions here?

A huge passion of mine has always been poetry - having been a Barbican poet - and visual art. I’ll actually be performing on stage at Lovebox this July! I’m also constantly developing my ‘Found Words’ project, using digital graffiti on Instagram Stories which you can catch on Instagram at @kieronrennie.

What excites you most about digital and creative right now?

I like the fact that you can do things on the go. And collaboration is easy – you don’t need to be in the same physical space, or even in the same country, to make a new piece of creative work. That’s the beauty of it – creative collaboration with people from all over the world.

Any advice for those wanting to break into the creative industries?

Be curious. Always try to find out how and why something works. If you don’t think something does work correctly, challenge it. Find your own way of making things work.

And always be true to yourself. Authenticity is powerful, especially when it comes to creativity. Authentic work truly resonates with an audience.


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