Social media superstar and retired Olympic gold-medal winning decathlete, Caitlyn Jenner, joined our Non-Executive Chairman, Miles Young, for a fireside chat here at Sea Containers this week.

Caitlyn and Miles discussed her life  and issues of authenticity and diversity.

Caitlyn on authenticity

“There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and just being yourself”

Being able to be her true, authentic self has set Caitlyn free in so many ways. She described the numerous occasions where she struggled with letting out her true self. These include numerous occasions where she was speaking at large events and would be wearing women’s lingerie under her suit. Or where she would finish her talk and go back to her dressing room to cross dress. This allowed her to express her true self, even if only in a small way.

Caitlyn on diversity

“We need to celebrate diversity”.

Diversity and inclusion especially within the workplace continue to be a prominent issue. For Caitlyn, one of the most influential LGBTQ figures of the 21st century, diversity is an issue very close to her heart.

She made a call for employers to allow every member of staff to be themselves, without fear. “You want the people that work with you to do the best job they possibly can, and I believe you can only do that when you’re at peace with yourself. That’s when you really thrive” she said.

Caitlyn on living in the world of social media

“I really don’t talk to the media that often – it’s all done through social”

With the lives of so many celebrities and public figures available for public consumption via social media, Caitlyn Jenner is no exception. However, her relationship with social media is somewhat different to that of her family. Openly admitting to be the least social media savvy person in the most social media famous family in the world, Caitlyn did not take as naturally to Twitter and Instagram as her daughters.

Yet with social media being a powerful tool for communication, Caitlyn’s relationship with the medium changed when she needed to take control of narratives about her life and tell her own story. She was able to share the true story about her life via social media. “When figuring out how to come out and live authentically, social media was a very big part of that. Not only did I deserve respect, but this entire community deserved it” she explained.