As the new year gets underway, we spoke to the team at Ogilvy's Customer Engagement experts to find out what’s next for customer engagement in 2018.


Brian Jensen, Chief Strategy Officer at OgilvyOne UK

Based on 2017, predicting what will happen feels like a fool’s errand. Instead, here are my hopes for 2018.

We renew our curiosity and passion about what really matters to customers. We rediscover the fun in customer engagement: the hunt for meaning for people and the new ways to show them the value of brands in their lives.

We nurture the renaissance in Loyalty and see if we mine the new value for loyalty marketing in the post-Sharp world. We have to address the fact that people want to feel valued by the companies they do business with. 

Demographics disappear and we create experiences around what makes people unique, not what meets their lowest common denominators. We get smarter about "who and why", not just the "when and where" that seduced media owners.

We prove that our great customer engagement work works. We become more consistent and methodical about proving the value of engagement across the customer journey to both brand equity and the client’s bottom line. 

We prove the immense dividends of increasing the diversity of our people. People who will already know why inclusivity is good for our business, our clients and the experiences we create for the full spectrums of our customers.

We continue to uncover the brilliant possibilities in AI and machine learning and learn to contain the negative impacts it will have on people’s livelihoods (including our own!)

The death of ‘the death of….’ in our industry press and thinking which makes people hesitant to try new things.

Charlie Wilson, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer at OgilvyOne UK

As customer data grows exponentially and becomes more and more connected, our knowledge and understanding of our customers deepens. This allows us a more omni-channel approach to engagement where a customers experience of the brand is seamless between web, social, phone, outdoor, TV, face to face and more.

But as all brands master an omni-channel approach, it's the brands that master the art of cultural context that will stand out. What are our customers interested in, what do they care about, what truly matters to them? And how is a brand relevant to that?

It's cultural and emotional personalisation that will make a brand truly matter to its customers.


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