Emma de la Fosse, Chief Creative Officer at OgilvyOne, discusses the best, and the very worst, of the advertising world in today’s Campaign, reviewing ads from WWF, Samaritans, Admiral, Mercedes-Benz and McVitie's.

“I was having dinner with Sir Alan Parker the other night. He was talking about how he first started directing TV commercials. Turns out that there wasn’t much money to produce telly ads back in the late 60s and early 70s. So he used to shoot his ideas himself. The basement of CDP was supposed to have been a car park but someone forgot to build the ramp. So it became the CDP film studio. Most weeks, you could find Alan down there, directing his latest spot with the cast largely made up of people from the ad agency. (Finance and facilities were the best, apparently – they were always well up for it.) If you watch some of those old commercials again, you’ll notice that they look like they could be scenes plucked from the middle of a feature film. It makes you feel like you’ve stumbled across a bigger story, one that lends the commercial a certain depth, wit and charm.”

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