With June 23rd just around the corner, many people are still confused about what the outcome of the EU referendum will mean for Britain and what the Brexit and Bremain campaigns have to offer. With the help of like-minded people, from the Ogilvy PR team, Marshall Manson, CEO of Ogilvy PR in the UK, has created a paper to encourage businesses to support the Remain campaign. 

No stranger to politics, Marshall worked as a consultant on Republican campaigns in the U.S. at local, state and federal levels for over a decade. He also helped to shape strategy and crafted communications for many candidates and worked on several referendum campaigns. 

Marshall said, “It’s a worrying time to be looking after a business in Britain. The June vote on the UK’s membership in the EU has created a climate of uncertainty, and uncertainty is always bad for business.” 

You can read the full report, with a personal introduction from Marshall, here.