Space travel. Future cities. Self-driving cars. You’d expect to find these technologies in sci-fi films, celestial stories and… Sea Containers? Believe it or not, these futuristic ideas aren’t as far away from everyday life as you think which is why Ogilvy Labs is hosting the Future Travel & Tourism Lab Day, 6th July.

The event will bring the best speakers, exhibitors and disruptive thinkers from the travel, tourism and logistics industries to Sea Containers, where they will discuss contemporary technologies as well as innovative solutions that are currently on the horizon.

The speakers include two frequent TED talkers in the form of our very own Vice Chairman, Rory Sutherland, and Rachel Armstrong, a sustainability innovator who creates new materials that possess the properties of living organisms.

For the more tactile attendee, Lab Day has an exciting list of exhibitors who’ll be showcasing their latest equipment, including:

What3Words – a geospatial start up that has mapped the world using 3x3m squares, which correspond to three random words, creating a global location platform.

Travelsify – an organisation with a wealth of knowledge about all things hotels. Working with numerous booking platforms, it has an extensive resource of data which is used to tailor consumer experiences.

Jaunt VR - a prolific virtual reality production company which has a wide range of immersive, travel-themed content. Imagine a holiday in the comfort of your own home.

For more information about the event, or to view the ever-growing bank of content from the Labs team, speakers and exhibitors, head over to

If you’d like to request an invitation to the Future Travel & Tourism Lab Day, please contact the Attendee Administrators: Kurosh Farhadi, Project Manager at OgilvyOne or Ogilvy Fellow, Emily Ross.