By Gemma Milne, Creative Lab Technologist at Ogilvy Labs:

It’s 2016, and ‘Technology’ is sexy. It’s silver and blue and interactive and human and desirable:

But despite the image of technology, a once nerdy (but not in a good way), exclusive and desperately in need of diversity industry, improving exponentially, we live in a world where technology’s best pal ‘Science’ looks like this:

Technology hasn’t always been graced with such good looks – so what has changed over the last 15 years that’s catapulted the industry into such an exciting place to be?

I believe there’s a formula to tech’s success – and, more importantly, I believe that it’s one which – in the true spirit of our New Tech – can be shared, made open source and be adapted for the world of Science.

Openness plus Communication.

Openness in the sense of learning the craft online, for free, in large Global groups.

Openness in the sense of collaborating across multiple disciplines and with the help of the wider public.

Openness in the sense of publishing your secrets and your advice and your challenges in an open forum for anyone to access and join in on.


What I mean by openness: welcome the masses in.


Communication isn’t new to science, but communication has changed and left science lagging so far behind.

The way we’re inspired has changed.

The way we sell – not just products and services, but also our ideas and our opinions – has evolved.

The way we report on what’s going on in the world has exploded into a totally different beast – controlled by the masses, less the biased media.

When it comes to communication: we don’t want to be educated – we want to be entertained.

Science can learn from the lessons tech has learnt as it grew in popularity, interest and diversity. The only question that remains: just how different will our world be as a result?