By Marie Maurer, Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather London


It’s been an exciting two months since the official launch of Get Out There. We’ve had a huge amount of interest and support – both from here in the UK and across the pond. It seems ‘getting out there’ has touched a nerve in the industry.

And the biggest complaint? Why aren’t we doing this already? It’s a good question.

Primary research – in fact, lets not even call it that – understanding people is our industry’s lifeblood. If we hide behind our laptops, what chance have we got?

We’re not claiming to have invented a new methodology here. It’s the oldest tool in the book. But for all the industry’s talk of escaping the echo chamber, we’re actually doing something about it.

And we’re learning as we go. Boston taught us that the press only tells one side of the story – not all ‘Leave’ voters fit the caricature. Oldham showed us that true resilience isn’t buffeted by macro economic issues like ‘recession’. And the Isle of Man proved that it’s possible to have strong, differing views without letting politics divide us.

But Britain isn’t defined by Brexit anymore than America is defined by Trump. Over the coming months we’ll be exploring things from a different angle. We’ll be discussing age, retirement and religion. We’ll be heading North and out West. And to parts of London that may be less familiar to us than certain places outside the M25.

Stay tuned. And because we think getting out there is so important – we invite anyone to go on an adventure. Just send us your findings and we’ll publish the best ones right here on our blog.

Up next: Eastbourne.