Never before seen insights from Ogilvy Noor shine a spotlight on the importance of the Ramadan economy in Britain

As the third most celebrated holiday in Britain, Ramadan remains largely a mystery to those outside of the Muslim community. Ogilvy Noor decided to delve into how today’s British Muslims really embrace a transformation of their way of life during this time. Today, Ogilvy Noor released a report titled ‘The Great British Ramadan’, which delves into previously unknown statistics on how Muslim consumers approach philanthropy, spirituality, community, health & wellness, finances, retail and food. For the first time ever, the agency investigates the radical transformation across all aspects of Muslim life – and why brands and businesses have a significant opportunity to tap into the vibrant Ramadan economy, which is surpassed only by Christmas and Easter in spend.

Muslims in Britain contribute £31 billion to the economy every year, and they have spending power overall of £21 billion. Making up a diverse and increasingly affluent part of British society, the new generation of Muslims are consuming products and brands differently, as explored in Ogilvy Noor Vice President Shelina Janmohamed’s last book, Generation M: Young Muslims Changing the World.

The findings in the report provide a stark reality for brands: 62% of those surveyed are disappointed by the current level of engagement by brands and retailers. However, 78% responded saying they would be interested in retailers or brands who provided tailored Ramadan offerings to them. With the Ramadan economy estimated upward of £200 million, there is ample opportunity for companies to engage with this audience. One of the most significant avenues of spend is around giving gifts and charitable donations. Interestingly, women engage in more gifting during this period over a wider range of products, from cosmetics to home items.

What the report unearths is that Ramadan impacts a variety of areas of life, as proven from some unexpected findings surfaced from the research as well. As Muslim consumer behaviours have evolved, the approach to food has changed too. British Ramadan foods are actually the most diverse in the world, with 84% of people eating across multiple cuisines. 1 in 4 people completely change their fitness regime during the Ramadan period. On the marital front, 41% of married Muslims concerned about gaining weight during this time.

The report is the latest thought leadership to be released by Ogilvy Noor, the first of its kind consultancy for the Muslim audience. The specialists are behind the study “Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer”, introducing the idea that faith and modernity go hand in hand and “Generation M: Young Muslims Changing the World” bringing to life the nuance, tensions and key characteristics of this audience for the first time ever.

For an excerpt of the full report, containing insights on the wider trends around Ramadan, click here. The complete research delves deeper into trends around this period and is available upon request. Should you wish to obtain a copy of the full document, please contact us here