By Suzanne Basra, Content & Internal Communications Manager at Ogilvy UK


Ahead of healthBOT 2018, the first conference dedicated to AI, messaging and chatbots for Health & Wellness in the UK, we found out more about the event.

We spoke to Thomas Crampton, Consulting Principal for Marketing Transformation at OgilvyRED, to find out why this event is so iconic.

The event is the first of its kind to bring together AI, messenger tech & human interaction in the health & wellness space. Why is this so important in the present world?

Combining the data-driven intelligence of AI with the ease of interaction across chatbots will ease patient access to crucial health information. This is a further democratisation of access to the best health information.

Are there any key digital trends in the health & wellness sector that we should be watching out for this year?

While it is tough to select just one digital trend in health and wellness to watch, those associated with mobile phones - both apps and consumer level connected devices - will remain one of the most visible ways digital has impact on our health. While larger companies face challenges implementing changes to their existing protocols and approaches, there will be a fleet of new startups competing with innovative new solutions and approaches.

What opportunities exist for brands & companies to tap into the power of AI & messenger tech in the health & wellness industry?

Brands and companies eager to tap into health and wellness will need to feel their way forward on multiple fronts, rather than look for a single breakthrough moment. It is extremely rare for a brand to hit on a trend as successfully as Nike did with the Fuelband, so companies need set themselves up with an innovation process and pipeline.

Why is Ogilvy able to help clients navigate this new kind of opportunity/challenge? What can we bring to the mix to help them succeed, grow and stay ahead of the curve?

Ogilvy's key differences include the agency's deep creativity and experience in helping building brand, business and reputation for clients across a wide range of clients and industries. The combination of these elements helps Ogilvy bring fresh approaches into new technical landscapes while ensuring they are developed to support the business, not just a flash in the pan to show off a new technology.


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