What are the best practices and principles to keep in mind when marketing to men? OgilvyOne’s Director of Content, Scott Manson, addresses this question in his recent whitepaper for WARC.

For men, a group changed by recent history; ideas of masculinity and roles in society have changed – and marketing must change also.

In addition to reflecting on definitions of masculinity and ‘the manscape’, Scott provides various formulas for success to bear in mind when marketing to men.

He outlines six points in his checklist for marketing to men:

Drop the stereotypes

Today's man has opened up and shown the world that he is a multi-faceted diverse creature and marketing should approach him in a way that reflects that.

Use influencers

Expertise and credibility are key when it comes to grabbing the attention of men, so find the media mavens who are right for your audience and use their recommendations to guide your target consumers.

Tackle taboos

The stiff upper lip is a thing of the past. Men are ready to talk about everything.

Address a genuine need

Is your marketing useful? Does it have a benefit to the audience? Consumers expect a value exchange for their time so consider branded content as a way of addressing this.

Make him laugh

Making genuinely funny marketing content is tricky. After all, a funny scene in a TV show is a challenge, but a funny advert is close to a miracle. Get it right, though, and a brand will enjoy complete engagement with its intended audience.

Get closer to the data

Hyper-targeting your marketing is now possible, thanks to the wealth of audience data on offer.


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