Ogilvy has joined forces with IBM to co-host a three-day hackathon with leading UK brands, to tackle some of the country’s most pressing health and wellness challenges.

The hackathon kicked off this morning at Sea Containers and is harnessing a cutting edge combination of creative and tech talent to help consumers around the universal theme of health and wellness.

The event brings together inventors, developers, UX designers, behavioural strategists, planners and account people to find new ways to ‘create’ products capable of positively impacting brands’ presence in the marketplace.

The hack teams have at their disposal the innovative IBM Watson tool, to address briefs put to the teams from Boots, Nestlé and Beacon Medical Group, covering a broad range of specific challenges at the forefront of each brands’ business.

We are live from the hackathon this week, collating the best trends and tech being used.

Today’s top three highlights:

1 – 3D printing is in full swing

The central part of this hack is the ideas created. So a key element of the hack has been making ideas real. Makerspace has been taking 2D sketches from the teams, created by designers, and transforming them into tangible 3D objects using 3D printing. This allows the teams to transform an idea into something physical as quickly as possible, making it real and easy to demonstrate.

2 – It’s all about the Internet of Things

Raspberry pi microcontrollers are the building blocks of the Internet of Things. They give intelligence to inanimate objects. Pulling away from computers, these microcontrollers become predictive based on a consumer’s actions or needs. Some of our hackers are using this tech to inform their approaches and responses to the briefs.

3 – Cohesive Product Design

A product is so much more than just a physical object. A product is about user experience and the underlying tech that makes it work. It is also about making the initial idea tangible and understandable. What has quickly become clear, is the balance between experts from across a variety of different disciplines within each of our hack teams, supported by real-time 'makers' from Makerspace, is allowing for truly cohesive product design.