It’s the second day of the IBM & Ogilvy hackathon, designed to help consumers around the universal theme of health and wellness.

Our teams worked well into the night and some were at in again from the early hours of this morning. The ideas are continuing to develop, prototypes are being made and re-made, and a lot of pizza has been eaten as we move closer to the big reveal tomorrow.

Today’s top three highlights:

1 – Rapid prototyping is where it’s at

Yesterday saw ideas beginning to become objects via the medium of 3D printing. A day later and these objects have been tested, refined and re-made. This new way of working for agencies takes the maker culture and embeds it within our industry. In the space of only one day, the makers at Makerspace have produced tangible objects for our teams. This way of working not only speeds up the creative process, it expands the process itself by changing the way we think. When the option to build ideas at speed is added into the creative process, it completely transforms the way ideas are conceived and opens up a new realm of possibilities.

2 – Cocktails… but not as you know them

Our teams have a huge number of tools and products at their disposal and have not been shy about experimenting. For example, some of our teams have been using Alexa to talk to Watson. By coming up with ideas built from a cocktail of all of the available tools and products, our teams are creating unique experiences that did not exist 24 hours ago - new products, new experiences and new interactions.

3 – The anatomy of a hackathon

Innovation is not simply about a space. Nor is it created by a specific process or the intensity of the task at hand. Innovation doesn't magically happen when we work with no interruptions, no client meetings or worries about the next meal. Alone these separate elements won’t work to create innovation. However, when we put all of these things together as we have done in our hackathon, a platform for innovation is created.