By Alex Brayshaw, Managing Partner at Ogilvy UK (Business to Business)


I’m always impressed with Ignite.

There's a good range of quality speakers including our very own Rory Sutherland.

The venue’s good (found a great coffee shop opposite - Kobo),

I get to catch up with some familiar faces and meet lots of new ones.

ABM seemed to be the overriding theme of the day - but that’s a whole other article. 

My highlight came from Annabel Rake, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte. It was a fascinating and thought-provoking presentation. Balancing fear and reality with the opportunities we are presented with as the working world changes - and how exciting this will be.

Yes there are challenges for organisations - it needs a different kind of leadership, proper employee engagement and a whole lot of creativity. I like it. But also needs the government and regulatory bodies to get on top of it as well. 

The seven new realities are: 

1. Exponential organisations 

2. Lifelong re-invention

3, The unleashed workforce

4. Technology, talent and transformation 

5. The ethics of work and society

6. The nimble enterprise

7. Regulated innovation

Take a look at the report for more detail here:

And thanks to all the crew at B2B Marketing for another great event.


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