Ogilvy UK Planning Partner, James Whatley, spoke to The Drum about Facebook's newsfeed algorithm change which deprioritises business and media content in the newsfeed to add a renewed importance to the family and friend posts that originally helped build the social network.

James outlined that there will be two parties affected by the change-up. Engagement bait publishers and those who produce quality content.

“If you’re a publisher that focuses on ‘engagement bait’, as Facebook calls it, then your days (or at least the days of your existing content ‘strategy’) are numbered.

“However, if you’re a publisher that consistently publishes interesting and stimulating content, then you’re golden. This move is unsurprising - especially considering Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year announcement on his focus for the year – so one would hope that many publishers saw this coming and were prepared for the shakeup... One would hope.”


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