With the increasing digitisation of communication between organisation and client, correspondence can become impractically convoluted rather than efficient as would be expected. When multiple departments have instantaneous channels of communication with a client, wires can become crossed and distinct, comprehensive strategies are lost amongst a flurry of email exchanges.

Furthermore, the growing number of interactive platforms means there is a risk of this problem becoming the norm and drastically altering client relations in a negative way. Consequently, the importance of one clear voice is more important now than it has ever been which presents the question of who should act as the medium?

Drew Nicholson, CEO of OgilvyOne Business, expresses that it should be the responsibility of marketers to act as a representative voice between a multidepartment organisation and the customer, in this quarter’s Market Leader, explaining that, “without one department taking the lead, a fragmented voice is inevitable.” The full article can be found through Warc here.