As 2019 looms we asked people from across our B2B specialism what their hopes for 2019 are, including Creative Director Andrew O’Sullivan, Planning Partner Nik Myers, Head of Copy Glenn Sturgess, Head of Strategy James Myers, Managing Partner Chris Spenceley, and Planning Partner Nina Mynk.

What do you want to do/see more of in 2019 in the industry, from your clients or agency?

Glenn: Trust. Creatives will only produce brave work if they trust the relationship that account managers and clients have built. And clients will only give brave work the green light if they trust the people who are telling them it’s a good idea.

Nik: Strategy. There used to be quite a lot of it in our business. Long term planning. Cohesive brand propositions. Strategic frameworks. These days strategy is often posed against agility – as if they were mutually exclusive. Instead, businesses need to be able think across multiple time horizons in parallel. Stretch themselves. Long term strategy can even guide shorter term thinking. It’s more effective (there’s market performance data to support it) and it actually makes it easier if you don’t constantly need to reinvent the wheel.

Andrew: Use of more innovative tactics to reach a B2B audience.

James: I would love to see an acknowledgment that marketing technology is an enabler, not a solution. Unfortunately, it feels like the safe way to promise efficiency in marketing to your boss. Get it wrong and you probably won’t get fired. 

Chris: Holistic impact measurement - with all the fracturing, atomising and fragmentation of message - how can we better understand how it affects underlying brand business health not quarterly sales targets.

What would you like to see change in the industry in 2019? 

Nik: Change management. Change isn’t managed. Change is led. 

Andrew: I’d love to see the terms B2B and B2C phased out from a marketing standpoint.

James: We should qualify creativity. It is not just all about the work, it is about what the work delivers. We are creative problem solvers, not artists experimenting with boundaries for arts sake.  

Chris: Hopefully the return of simple powerful creative ideas built on simple powerful customer insights.

Nina: Reverse of the trend to less spend on primary research / over reliance on engagement data - understanding people is at the core of what we do.

Alex: More simplification - of communication, messaging, delivery and MarTech. Then it'll be more effective (and so will people).

And your personal resolutions?

Nik: To take things more seriously.

Glenn: same as ever: to write more, ride more and bemoan less. And – new for 2019 – to finally master cryptic crosswords.

Andrew: Fear of getting it wrong stifles the best in everyone. I want to enable fearless thinking.

Chris: I promise not to do another ad about AI.


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