By Gagandeep Jhuti, Lucie Davis & Abigail Holsborough, Creative Interns on The Pipe


Where can you find free ice-cream, snacks and drinks, as well as free toothpaste and toothbrushes in the bathrooms? And rooms named according to Lord of the Rings? The answer is, of course, the offices of Facebook & Instagram in London’s Kings Cross.

We had the pleasure of exploring these offices earlier last week, which made for a day filled with new and creative discoveries. While we were at first blown away by the number of freebies laid on to make visitors feel at home, we also learnt a lot from our visit.

Here are some of our highlights:

Improving your Instagram game

Instagram do not shy away from sharing their top tips. For example, we learnt that if you want to get more likes, post a photo of an egg. Yes, really. Warm color palettes attract more likes and eggs are a particular favourite when it comes to getting likes, possibly owing to their orange/yellow yolks.

Don’t be afraid to play

People look at Stories on Instagram for longer than they do posts. For us, this makes Instagram Stories more valuable for brands. Each of us on The Pipe use Instagram Stories daily and it was interesting to learn how it could be used for brands as well. Instagram encourage you to exercise your playful side on Stories, which we were all too happy to try. So watch out on Ogilvy UK’s Instagram Stories – we’ll be applying what we learned on our weekly takeovers every Thursday…follow @OgilvyUK!

Downtime is important

Our day at the Facebook & Instagram offices was incredibly busy, filled with numerous meetings and pressure to complete tasks in a very short amount of time. This is where their down spaces came into their own. The offices are punctuated by areas to get away, even if only for five minutes, from the stresses that come with any office space. It made us realise that as our days at Ogilvy become increasingly busy, the value and importance of taking some downtime should not be underestimated.

More laughs please. Always.

Sometimes, the best ideas come from jokes. One of the ideas we came up with on the day arose from a casual discussion and a joke. It just so happened that this idea was received well by a senior member of the team who was with us – which was an incredible feeling. So never be too serious – you never know where you next joke will lead.


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