By Suzanne Basra, Content & Internal Communications Manager at Ogilvy UK


This May we'll be hosting healthBOT 2018, the first conference dedicated to AI, messaging and chatbots for Health & Wellness in the UK.

The half-day event will feature a range of hot topics and thought provoking debates from world-class innovators, thinkers, strategists and entrepreneurs.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with Ogilvy's Chief Digital Officer - Health & Wellness, Ritesh Patel, to find out more.

Tell us a bit about why you decided to create healthBOT 2018?

We decided to create healthBOT2018 to showcase how this new emerging technology platform and capability can be applied to the regulated healthcare industry.

Other industries such as publishing, ecommerce, travel and financial services have readily embraced the use of Chat Bots for all manner of things, such as customer service, notifications, content engagement and marketing.

At Ogilvy, we have pioneered the use of chat bots in health and this meeting is to showcase the possibilities.

The event is the first of its kind to bring together AI, messenger tech & human interaction in the health & wellness space. Why is this so important in the present world?

The ability for machines to take on mundane tasks in customer service and customer engagement is now possible with the marriage of AI, Chat, NLP and machine learning.

The technology is cost effective, and combined with the scale of platforms like Facebook, has created an environment to provide assistance (we live an assistance economy) at scale. Our clients and partners should get educated of the benefit of all this.

What opportunities exist for brands & companies to tap into the power of AI & messenger tech in the health & wellness space?

Brands can create all manner of capabilities using these new tools (including voice enabled solutions), from simple customer service on demand to notifications and trackers. In health, we see the use of bots to provide access to on demand service and help, with patient education materials, HCP content and product information. On the wellness side, we see the use of bots to help live with a disease, provide wellness content and notifications for living well.

Are there any trends in the health & wellness industry that we should be watching this year?

The big trends are in wearables, trackers and data.

We are seeing an explosion of connected devices to track and monitor health and wellness at an individual level. The use of AI and Bots will enable the capability for micro moments to be catered for.


More about healthBOT 2018, including speakers and schedule, here.