By Kenza Chakib, Maker at The Match


With more than 500 offices in 126 countries across the world, Ogilvy’s network is huge. Spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, the scope of offices is astonishing for someone who has not even visited half of the regions in which Ogilvy operates.

A chance to broaden my horizons and my experience of Ogilvy’s global network arose when I had the opportunity to visit Ogilvy Paris for an event Ogilvy PR London was running with Ogilvy PR Paris last week.

My background is French – I am a fluent French speaker and even have the accent – so the prospect of visiting Ogilvy Paris was exciting. I was not disappointed. Greeted by Ogilvy Paris’ warm staff and spending time with Managing Director Audrey Rousseau, I felt very welcome. A fun fact about the Ogilvy network – Ogilvy staff can walk in to any Ogilvy office in the world and the Wi-Fi will automatically connect. So you feel immediately at home, which is exactly what happened when I stepped foot in Ogilvy Paris!

Set up and ready to get to work, I quickly learnt what prepping an event as part of a large cross-country team involved. Working with Ogilvy PR London’s Managing Partner, Jai Kotecha, one of the many things he said that stuck with me was the importance of collaboration and teamwork – the power of the team.

The event we were setting up was a joint effort from Ogilvy PR’s teams in London and Paris. Even though the teams were from different countries the way of working felt very ‘Ogilvy’ in nature, which united us. I think that’s part of the power of the network. I was also proud to be part of a company where everyone, from the interns to the Account Directors, gets stuck in and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, including doing the less glamorous jobs, to help a project come together.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave and head back to London. There is one thing I wish I had seen before I left - something that makes Ogilvy’s Paris office very distinctive. A replica of David Ogilvy’s original office in Paris can be found within the building, laid out exactly as David himself would have had it. I look forward to my next visit to Ogilvy Paris to be able to take a peek.

Even without seeing David’s office, I certainly got a strong sense of the incredible history and an appreciation for the community that the Ogilvy network holds. It’s a comforting and exciting thought to know that any office I may travel to within Ogilvy’s vast network, I’ll feel a part of the Ogilvy family, from London to Paris to Sao Paulo or Singapore. For me, this is something that makes working at Ogilvy very special.


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