How Coley Porter Bell's Designer, Khrissie Farrands, joined millions of women at the weekend to make history.

This weekend thousands of people descended onto the streets of London to play their part in the Women’s March. I was proud to be one of those 3.3 million people across the world marching to be heard.

The Women’s March was in large part a response to the US election result, which left many women feeling they had to stand up and protest against Donald Trump’s seemingly misogynistic views. I felt compelled to march to protect our fundamental rights, our freedom of equality and dignity, and the safety of the planet for generations to come.

The march started out at the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, and worked its way along the streets to Trafalgar Square where we all came together to hear talks from inspiring people and to meet other like-minded individuals.

The streets were buzzing, stretching right back to Bond Street where I began the march, filled with women of all ages, families with their young children and a surprising amount of men. Waves of cheers, hand painted signs and smiling faces adorned the streets as we waited to start our descent down the road.

The march didn’t move for a good hour due to the amount of people who came to give their support. It was a peaceful protest; everyone was polite and positive – we were doing this together. I was really proud that this was a calm march. There were no smashed windows or fires, just love and the passion to make a difference.

As the crowds started to move, the streets were alive with chants, laughter and the beats of drums. We were dancing, discussing our points of view, and making our voices heard not only to those around us, but to the world.

I was in awe of the women around me and it made me feel proud to live in such a diverse country where people come together when it really matters. No-one cared about your age, what you were wearing or your sexuality. We were there to protest for every single woman around the world. 

The placards were brilliantly written, some humorous, some serious, but all with purpose. It was an incredible day and one I will never forget. On  21st January 2017 we made history and I honestly believe it will make a difference.