Coley Porter Bell's Executive Creative Director, James Ramsden, spoke to The Drum about ideas shaping design this year.

From empathy to 'invisible interactions' some of the top names in design have predicted the ideas that will shape design in 2017.

James said: 

The speed of life will shape design in 2017 and will continue to affect brand experiences beyond this year.

We all flip between information snacking and light dipping on devices, rushing through aisles in the supermarket and grab-bing and go-ing to enjoying sensorial brand experiences at leisure and indulging in un-boxing.

And this contrasting sense of ‘the speed of life’ will continue to affect design. For autopilot mode, we’ll see interfaces become more intuitive and single-minded, visual brand equities increased to enable at-a-glance shelf recognition and brand identities continuing to feel iconic and brutally simple.

In contrast, more powerful visual and sensory experiences will offer deeper learning and a more subtle exploration of a brand, its personality and identity.

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