It was great to see our digital director, James Whatley, representing Ogilvy & Mather UK at The Drum’s ‘Predictions Breakfast’ earlier in the week. The event was an opportunity for marketers to hear about the potential obstacles they will be facing in 2016.

The panel also included Gareth Shaw, VP programmatic operations at PulsePoint, Laura Jordan-Bambach, creative partner at Mr President, Tom Farrell, VP marketing at SWRVE and Andy Oakes, the head of content at The Drum. The board offered views and opinions from those in content marketing, mobile marketing, the agency world and a creative perspective on the digital trends of 2016.

Subject matters included the rise of dark social, and the inevitable swell of mobile marketing which is sure to follow, how to target peak millennials and the idea that 2016 will be the year of virtual reality version 1.0. To find out more from the ‘Predictions Breakfast,’ you can watch the highlights here.