With the deadline for applications to our Fellowship programme fast approaching, (midnight tonight to be exact), current Fellow Lewis Allison has provided his top 5 tips for applying to the scheme.

1. Make it Creative:

Whether you are applying to be an account manager, or a planner, make your answers creative! This could mean coming up with an interesting solution, answering the question from an inventive angle, or as I did, by making something - it involved soap, long story. 

2. Read, Read and Read some more:

Campaign is one of the most popular industry magazines but there are plenty of blogs and people to follow on Twitter. Try to understand the logic of the industry and the big topics that are currently being debated, like the influence of big data and behavioural science. 

3. Watch, Listen  & Learn:

Ads are all around us, yet we only acknowledge around 5%. Why is this? What do you notice about these adverts? What is the company trying to get across? Why did they succeed were others failed? Make sure these aren't just TV ads, what about social, radio, outdoor? Make sure you have an opinion on these adverts and that you can back that opinion up. 

4. Don't Write the Application Like Your Dissertation:

This is a big distinction, you need to make sure you get your personality across and not stick to the formal writing which academia promotes. If you are struggling with grasping this or looking for a good example, read David Ogilvy on Advertising. 

5. Be Courageous 

Advertising is a mixture of art and science and this is what makes it so exciting. There is no magic formula and what worked once can now fail. Originality is key to grabbing attention, so be bold with your ideas, back them up and defend them because even as a grad your ideas can inspire an entire campaign.

Now it’s over to you so make sure you get your application in before the deadline and, above all else, good luck!