Our newest creative hire, former Elle UK magazine editor Lotte Jeffs, writes about her move to adland in London Evening Standard.

Instead of getting all WTFish about model Lily Cole not being qualified for a role as creative partner in events at the Brontë Society, and filing her next to Toby Young as the latest in a line of outrageously inappropriate appointments (almost as riling as that ex-hotelier turned President), pause for a moment to consider the benefits of bringing someone with a wealth of different experience and a fresh perspective into a new professional world. 

I say this as today is my first day as a creative director at the advertising agency Ogilvy, after 15 years as a magazine writer and editor. Ogilvy has employed me precisely because of my lack of experience in adland. I come with no baggage, with no idea what the “done thing” is and an ever-diminishing hope that all desks are fitted with a Don Draper-approved cocktail trolley. 

I’m not disillusioned or struggling to embrace change — I’m enthusiastic, ready to ask questions and try to challenge the status quo. 


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