By Sara Barqawi, Thinker on The Match


Since joining Ogilvy UK earlier this year as part of The Match, there have been a number of ‘firsts’ for me, much to my enjoyment. One of these occurred this week when I took part in my first ever workshop.

Having never taken part in a workshop before I was unsure what exactly to expect. So, for anyone who has never taken part in a workshop or for those who are interested in the day, here are my top 5 tips on how to survive a workshop from a workshop virgin.

1. The Fear Factor

No matter how large the room, or how scary the client, workshops are positioned to be a helpful experience. This automatically makes it less scary than collecting an ethnography or being interviewed for the job.

2. Fuel for the day

It’s wise to eat breakfast. Otherwise, you’ll mistake belly grumbles as nerves, and all you will think about is the dinky hummus bites that’ll magically appear at half time. It will also keep your mind sharp and fully focused on the task at hand.

3. Stay hydrated

And while we’re on the topic of fuel, remember to keep close to the bottles of still water. There’s nothing worse than having to neck orange juice when a momentary cough creeps in as you’re about to contribute a new idea.

4. Be relatable

Everyone, no matter how senior, can relate to the value of a Greggs. Building relationships and rapport with your client and everyone in the room is important. And remember to have fun while doing it – the day goes surprisingly quickly and is a great platform to voice weeks or months of work.

5. Go the extra mile

Read something no-one else may have. Often being the most junior person in a room, I’m quickly learning ways to gain greater credibility. Bringing a new insight or way of thinking to the table will positively impact the session and might lead down a path previously unvisited.  


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