We caught up with our new neighbours at Sea Containers – Kantar Added Value. Their Associate Director, Brand, Laura Hurst gave us an insight into the agency.


You're the new kids on the block - tell us a bit about what Kantar Added Value's Brand team do.

We work alongside our insight and cultural experts team to add serious value to the clients we work with.  That could be a global FMCG client or a boutique luxury brand who we think have the potential to disrupt the market.  Whoever it is, our intention is to help them unlock growth in a way that makes positive change and progress.

Why is this important?

Consumers are consuming less and less stuff.  They’re becoming more demanding of brands and expect them to play a meaningful role in their lives.  We help brands to identify a role they can play that’s relevant to their strengths and meaningful to consumers.

What first tempted you to the Brand team?

The energy!  We’re an incredibly tight team.  We challenge each other and ourselves every day.  Everyone has a point of view, everyone has a different point of reference and everyone is passionate about positive change.

What was the first Brand project you worked on?

I was thrown in at the deep end with Tesco, and I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made over the last 12 months.  Last month we delivered a piece of work that the client has said will transform the way we work.  Using a new, proprietary social watching tool, we can code and quantify user-generated content in a way that allows us to track the lifecycle of trends and pinpoint the way in which our client can act upon them to deliver targeted, impactful NPD, merchandising and comms.

How do you see the Brand realm developing in 2017?

As consumers become more and more weary of brands and negative noise, they will increasingly de-clutter – cutting out the unnecessary noise.   That means brands need to find a new way to connect – we’ll have to think harder about how to use the channels open to us, and more importantly, we’ll need to find that role in  culture that allows us to connect with consumers in a way that fits with their lives.

What's your favourite thing about Sea Containers?

It’s got to be the look on the faces of friends and family the first time I take them to the rooftop.

Describe Kantar Added Value's Brand team in three words?

Curious, social, brave.

What inspires the Brand team?

Learning things, applying knowledge, seeing the impact of our work, and fancy dress (actually, that’s probably just me).