In the latest Private View feature for Campaign, Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather London, discusses the latest ads from Waitrose, The Sunday Times, Evian, Ikea and BMW.  

With the exception of Waitrose, Mick emphasises that these ads don’t resonate with the viewer because they aren’t socially relevant. Mick explains that Waitrose’ live feed, of their suppliers’ cows grazing, may not be the most exciting of viewing but it’s brave and bold because anything can happen through live channels. Their openness is particularly socially relevant following the horsemeat scandal of recent years and the scrutiny that sourced meat has been under ever since.  

At the other end of the spectrum, Mick highlights the flaws in the newest BMW ad when he says, “My daughter is thinking of coming into advertising after studying psychology and human behaviour. I really hope she does. She is exactly the kind of smart and punchy millennial who simply won’t tolerate the lazy objectification of women in advertising. An astonishing 60 per cent of the world’s ads still objectify women as sex objects, while only 3 per cent show women in a position of authority. Come on, guys, is this really how we want to present ourselves in 2016? It makes BMW and us, as an industry, look dangerously socially irrelevant. The only conversations this will feed or generate are unlikely to be helpful.” 

You can read the full article in Campaign here.