By Suzanne Basra, Content & Internal Communications Manager at Ogilvy UK


Imagine... Walking out of the lift and feeling totally calm about the day ahead. Feeling confident and focused when uncertainty brings about inevitable changes on a daily basis.

We caught up with Mindfulness Coach, Nina Samuel-Camps, ahead of her Mindfulness workshop at Ogilvy this week to chat mindfulness in the workplace. Nina shared approaches to help us rise up when faced with uncertainty, rather than feeling overwhelmed or unsure. Here’s some of her top advice:

Tell us a bit about mindfulness - what's it all about?

Mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Our minds are 50% imagination and 50% memory. If we’re not preset, we can’t receive information or five our full attention to what is happening around us from moment to moment.

For example – if your mind wanders in a meeting you can miss valuable information which can have a negative impact further down the line. One of the benefits of practicing mindfulness is that it allows us to give our full attention to each moment and to those around us.

How can practicing mindfulness help in times of uncertainty?

Mindfulness comes into full effect when we’re experiencing issues around uncertainty.

Nothing is certain – change happens all around us all the time. Practicing mindfulness can enhance your ability to focus and deal with uncertainty.

While change can cause us to feel stressed and under pressure, mindfulness can help us to accept a situation and deal with it.

Can you practice anywhere? At work or at home?

Yes, absolutely! Once ou know the simple techniques you can practice anywhere and at any time. Mindfulness allows you to approach life in a more peaceful way.

Is there any element of mindfulness practice which you've found particularly helpful in the workplace?
There are many ways to practice mindfulness which include walking, visually and breathing to name a few. For me, breathing has been most useful. This technique has provided an immediate balance for me, especially in the working environment.

What's the one thing we can all do to switch from feeling overwhelmed to calm at work?

Once you’re aware you’re feeling overwhelmed – stop. Place both feet on the ground, then inhale deeply. Count to four and exhale slowly while counting to eight.

If you repeat this eight times you’ll notice a shift in your physical, emotional and mental state. This simple technique will help to anchor you in the present moment reset and gain perspective in order to focus.


You can follow Nina on Instagram at @ninasamuelcamps

The workshop is part of Ogilvy's 'Happier Healthier Me' initiative which strives to maintain a high level of wellbeing for the agency's staff. More coming soon...