Coley Porter Bell's Executive Creative Director, James Ramsden, spoke to Shots about what's on his radar.

What’s the best ad campaign you’ve seen recently?

The Ikea Welcome Home ad that features streets lit by lamps placed by a son guiding his Mum all the way home. It was one of those ads that got my attention on the telly and made me put my phone down, listen and watch. That doesn’t happen often these days. Also, I saw the skating rainbow furry Xmas yetis from Argos and I thought that was disruptive.

What website(s) do you use most regularly and why?

I use Muzli everyday. I use the extension for Chrome and adore how it aggregates content from such a huge span of creative news. I think it's essential for keeping up to date with the world of creativity. And yes, like most creatives on the planet, I do dip in and out of Pinterest most days. I love Quora too and how random topics bubble into your feed, complete with responses from real people sharing real experiences or an expert point of view. I hope that in the end, all those little bits of information I read drip feed ideas into my brain!

What’s the most recent piece of tech that you’ve bought and why?

Personally, I’ve had a quieter year on the tech front. The Amazon Echo with Alexa is interesting but despite it being able to understand an amazing 4000 asks and counting, I don’t feel ready to buy it. I’d like to try out the new Samsung Gear VR headset, I like the idea that everyone has the capability to create their own VR experience with the cool little camera device – it would be fun to play with this. And the new Google Daydream looks interesting too (below). The most recent piece of tech I actually bought was probably the Apple Watch last year. I go through phases of loving it and then wanting to Ebay it.

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram. Definitely. A lovely platform to lose yourself on for ten minutes. I love thumbstopping on things that spring out to you on that day. And then you have to get yourself back in the room or an entire hour will just glide by...

What’s your favourite app on your phone and why?

I’m a big App downloader, I play and then purge. At the moment I have been re-trailing the InVision App, Marco Polo and I use Slideshare, Issu and Adobe Spark fairly often for creative stuff. Favourite App? Hmm, probably Nike + Run Club, just because I use it three or four times a week.

What’s your favourite TV show and why?

The BBC has been delivering some amazing programmes and the recent series of The Missing, although very chilling to watch, has been expertly written and produced. I’ve also just started watching the new series of Humans as I’m fascinated by AI.

Where were you when inspiration last struck?

Usually whilst falling asleep, it's why I keep my phone, a pencil and a piece of paper by my bed. It's probably the same for most of us lucky to be working in ideas-focused businesses. I also went to the Tate a week or two ago with my family, we haven't been there for a while and I was reminded of how inspirational it was.

What’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed in the industry since you started working in it?

Probably user experience and other philosophies that start 'customer first'. This added layer of intelligence, sensitivity and truth for design, brands and businesses wasn’t there in such a pure way twenty years ago.

If there was one thing you could change about the advertising industry, what would it be?

From my perspective on the design side of the industry rather than advertising, probably integration. Its exciting to work with people in the industry who have a natural appetite to work collaboratively and openly. It goes without saying that the more that designers and creatives with specialist skills are working in combination with the advertising community, the better the results for brands and clients.

What or who has most influenced your career and why?

Design wise, the 'what' would be the amazing branding projects that continue to come out of the UK design industry. I believe our agency community continues to deliver powerful creativity year on year, which inspires us all to continue to adapt and up our game. And the ‘who' would have to be my wife. She’s influenced my career more than anyone because she’s always had the right advice at the right time. She’s an awesome navigator.

Tell us one thing about yourself that most people won’t know…

I’ve met Prince Charles.

This article was originally published in Shots.