Recognising the greatest examples of behavioural science in action!

The Nudge Awards were founded in the spirit of celebration and collaboration; their role is to bridge the gap between behavioural science theory and real-world application, setting the ‘gold standard’ for work within the behavioural science community. This is a chance for practitioners to showcase their pioneering work in behavioural science and see it celebrated!

Award categories

This year we had winners across 2 different award categories:

The Most Effective

Nudge for Good

Judging Panel

All entries were shown at Nudgestock 2018 and were judged by an independent panel of experts from academia and behavioural science. This year we were delighted to welcome three esteemed experts to the judging panel.

Alain Samson

Alain is the founder of and is a thought leader in social psychology, contributing to a regular Psychology Today column covering the latest in behavioural science. See:

Dan Ariely

Dan is a pioneer in the field and a celebrated behavioural economist. He has published an array of best-selling books on the topic, including the famous Predictably Irrational which helped to bring behavioural economics to the forefront of public attention. See:; @danariely

Diana Fleischman

A previous Nudgestock speaker herself, Diana is an evolutionary psychologist and associate  professor  at  the  University  of  Portsmouth.  Her  research  interests include human sexuality and disgust, and the interplay between evolutionary psychology and behaviouralism. See: @sentientist

Award Winners:

Nudge for Good, Highly Commended

Keep Britain Tidy’s Centre for Social Innovation picked up the Highly Commended Award in the Nudge for Good Category for their entry Walk this Way. Rather than using more traditional communications to encourage dog owners to clean up after their dogs, Walk this Way used a different approach,   nudging dog walkers to follow specific dog-walking routes which had bins placed at regular intervals. On average, when comparing the baseline and post-intervention monitoring, incidents of dog fouling decreased by 38% across all sites, with one site recording a 89% reduction.

Nudge for Good, Winner

Intelligent Health was the winner of this year’s Nudge for Good category, with their Beat the Street entry. Beat the Street is a walking and cycling programme that turns whole towns into games. Special sensors called Beat Boxes are placed across an area roughly half a mile apart from each other. Beat the Street uses gamification principles to reach those who are put off by traditional physical activity messaging. In East London, it was found that Beat the Street players who were previously inactive (0-1 day of physical activity per week) increased their average amount of activity  from 0.6 days in 2016 to 3.4 days in 2017. The Beat the Street programmes have led to consistent sustained changes in physical activity levels and active travel behaviours across many regions of the UK.

The Most Effective, Highly Commended

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) picked up the Highly Commended award in the Most Effective category, for their entry NHS Capacity Alerts. In the UK, 4 million people are awaiting specialist care from the NHS (National Health Service). While people everywhere rank short waiting times highly, both patients and their GPs struggle to navigate their options at the point of referral. The BIT’s main insights came from research into choice overload and decision fatigue. By using choice chunking and salient prompts to overcome these issues, referrals to clinics with long waiting lists were reduced by 20-38%, whilst referrals to clinics with short waiting lists rose by 14%.

The Most Effective, Winner

A Win Win World is the winner of this year’s Most Effective category, with their entry Tackling Cigarette Litter. Since Autumn 2016, the city of Gothenburg, together with the company A Win Win World, has carried out two different studies to decrease the amount of cigarette litter being dropped on the streets. Signs with a cartoon pigeon were set up with the message “Please stub out in the ashtray, the pigeons are trying to quit smoking”. The ashtrays were also painted  orange  to  increase  visibility.  The  stunning result showed that the ashtrays with the nudge worked 70% better than plain black ashtrays.

Full entries available upon request. For more information about the winners or any questions related to the Nudge Awards, please contact:

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