By Suzanne Basra, Content & Internal Communications Manager at Ogilvy UK


Internet dating can be a total minefield at times. From how to represent ourselves in a bio to getting that first date - and avoiding any hazards along the way!

We caught up with online dating expert Mark Brooks, CEO at Internet Dating Excellence Association, to find out more about the psychology behind Internet dating, ahead of his talk at Nudgestock 2018.

If your Nudgestock talk were a Tinder bio, what would it say?

Virgin Industry Seeks Virgin Science - Relatively young and boisterous industry with big promise and big attitude seeks calming, sensible but sexy, not-quite-so-young-companion in new science.  

How can we use behavioural science to optimize our online dating profiles?

Context matters in behavioral science. Change the context, and you may well see different behaviors. 

This is especially true with Internet dating apps. Go on Match, Shaadi, Grindr, and Feeld and you can expect difference experiences and behavior. So consider who you are, and what you're looking for carefully. 

In Internet dating, context really matters.  

What is the one thing anyone who is using online dating should be doing in terms of psychology?

Keep in mind the 'halo effect.' If you write a short-ish profile, and include a few things that you're super passionate about, you'll probably be optimizing your profile quite well for halo effect. For example, you love jazz, are a keen runner, and can't get enough of Dan Ariely's books. 

People viewing your profile will see the things you like, and if they like them as well, will tend to mentally favorably 'fill in the gaps' on missing parts of your profile. 

If you write a long and detailed profile, and people see a couple things they don't like, they'll be less forgiving, and more likely to pass you over. 

So keep your profile positive, focus on the things you're super passionate about, and resist the urge to write a novel of a profile. It will probably work against your goal of getting attention.    

Are there any trends we should be watching out for this year in this field?

Watch out for Facebook Dating. Facebook announced they were getting into dating. This sent Match stock down 27% over two days after Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement. 

Dating industry executives are generally bullish and think the Facebook Dating storm will pass, but Facebook could seriously change the Internet dating landscape. 

If you're attending Nudgestock this year, come to see my talk and learn why...    


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