Ogilvy UK and ShareTheMeal, the main mobile fundraising app from the United Nations World Food Programme, have created an exciting new digital campaign to engage with Muslim audiences during the month of Ramadan. The month of fasting is marked by 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

The social campaign features a series of comedic films which provide insights into life during Ramadan and promote the charitable cause through the campaign idea of #TheFastLife.

While the fast life is usually about money, cars and showing off, this film subverts all of those and instead gives it new meaning. #TheFastLife campaign celebrates with warmth and humour the activities characteristic of the season. Key to this is the Ramadan tradition of charitable donations, and the ultimate message being how quick and easy it is to feed a hungry child via the ShareTheMeal app.

The campaign centres on a fictional Muslim character, Luxe Wahid – played by British Muslim comedian Prince Abdi – who is an aspiring social media influencer who’s vlogging about his ‘fast life’ during Ramadan. We see various moments of his Ramadan day, with funny insights that will resonate with the young socially savvy Muslim target audience and their own experiences during Ramadan. Despite the glitzy overlay in the style of the films, we learn that at heart, the real fast life is about sharing the special experiences of the month, especially the act of giving to charity. The call to action is that the ShareTheMeal app is the perfect way to donate and make the most of Ramadan’s blessings.

The social campaign will roll out across a range of channels, with influencers also taking part.

The World Food Programme saves lives after crises and improves the lives of millions through sustainable development programmes. WFP works in over 80 countries worldwide to feed people affected by conflict and disasters and to lay the foundations for a better future. ShareTheMeal is an essential part of the goal to reach a world without hunger: Over 37 million meals have already been donated via the app. Donors can feed a child for a day with just 35 pence.

The bespoke solution consisted of newly-appointed ECD Shish Patel driving the creative and Ogilvy Roots co-founder Jordie Wildin managing the project. The team’s aim was to build on deep Muslim community insights in an authentic way, with the overall project being led by Ogilvy’s Shelina Janmohamed, Vice President of Islamic Marketing. The commitment to upcoming creative talent was also integral, engaging talent from Ogilvy’s acclaimed The Pipe programme. In addition, the director of the films, Dishad Husain, and the star, Prince Abdi are also both British Muslims. A diverse team composed of different disciplines and backgrounds came together to create something fresh and innovative, bringing their passion for the cause together with a drive for creative excellence.

Shelina Janmohamed, VP, Islamic Marketing, Ogilvy UK: “Muslim audiences consistently tell us that they want engagement from brands and organisations, especially during Ramadan It’s been an incredible opportunity to collaborate with the UN World Food Programme to drive further awareness around the work they are doing, and at the same time to celebrate the Ramadan season in a way that is true to contemporary British Muslim life.”

#TheFastLife rolls out across social for the next month, and the video can be seen here (insert link). Download ShareTheMeal and donate a meal here. ow.ly/4hUP50ul11V